Femtocell &
Small-Cell Test


Quality & Speed at the Lowest Overall Cost of Test

The demand for femtocells in both residential and office environments is growing rapidly. Of the 1000x mobile data growth expected in the next five years, at least 80% will come from indoor locations. To address the emerging small-cell base station market, LitePoint, the leader in wireless test, has a multi-DUT test solution designed to help you keep pace with demand, lower your costs, and meet your time-to-market goals.

The IQxstream® single-box integrated tester is ideally suited for cost-efficient femtocell and small-cell manufacturing to ensure the quality end-users expect from their paid data subscription service.

Accelerate your femtocell production with the following benefits of IQxstream:

  • Simplicity of a single-box integrated solution
  • Industry proven for highest-quality cellular testing
  • Reliability and performance for high-volume manufacturing
  • Highest throughput with multi-DUT testing
  • Lowest overall cost of test

IQxstream Overview & Key Features

IQxstream is ideally suited for high-volume femtocell manufacturing test. These small-cell base stations are typically designed for indoor use in residential or office environments to connect users to the network via an available broadband connection. IQxstream will help you grow your production capacity along with this emerging small-cell market by delivering the speed, performance and scalability you need to ramp up quickly and lower your cost of test.

Simplified Single-Box Femtocell Test

IQxstream simplifies single-cell test with the following features:

  • No more cumbersome and questionable rack-and-stack test solutions
  • Purpose built for cellular test and ideally suited for femtocell and small-cell manufacturing environments
  • Integrated signal analyzer and signal generator for TX and RX testing
  • LitePoint provides world-class engineering support to help you quickly deploy optimized test solutions

Fastest Test

IQxstream meets your high-volume manufacturing needs so you can speed through testing.

  • Provides parallel testing of up to eight devices at once
  • Innovative non-signaling and sequence-based methodologies reduce test time by more than 75% compared to traditional approaches

Lowest Overall Cost of Test

Keep manufacturing costs low with IQxstream.

  • Multi-DUT testing increases throughput for the lowest possible test cost per device
  • Lower overall capital costs:
    • Fewer testers required
    • Less factory space
    • Less operating and maintenance costs

High Volume Without Sacrificing Test Coverage

To meet end-users’ high quality expectations of their premium mobile broadband service, IQxstream enables you to quickly and accurately perform the following critical TX and RX measurements on each femtocell device as part of the manufacturing process:

  • BS TX Power
  • TX Modulation Quality (EVM)
  • TX Occupied Bandwidth
  • Adjacent Channel Leakage
  • Frequency Error
  • Spectrum Emissions
  • RX Sensitivity


Frequency Range:
400 MHz to 3800 MHz

Input Power Range:
+33 dBm maximum (average)
+36 dBm (Peak Envelope Power PEP)

Output Power Range:
+10 to -140 dBm (streaming port)
-5 to -130 dBm (duplex/broadcast mode)

IF Bandwidth:
100 MHz

Supported Standards:
WCDMA Small Cell (femtocell, picocell)
LTE Small Cell (FDD/TDD, femtocell, picocell)

Meet the Femtocell Demand

Mobile data is expected to grow 1000x in the next 5 years— 80% will come from indoor locations.