Test Solutions for Manufacturing

LitePoint’s innovative products for manufacturing were built for just that…the rigors and unique demands of testing complex wireless devices at high volumes in manufacturing. Delays cost time and time costs money. From rugged, battle-proven hardware, to software with easy-to-read results display and logging, LitePoint systems are designed from the ground up for high-volume production.


IQxel-MW 8-portIQxel-MW

High-performance test for 160 MHz and 802.11ax Wi-Fi devices

IQxel-M8 FrontIQxel-M8

High-volume wireless connectivity test system


Multi-DUT and multi-communication wireless connectivity test systems

IQxelIQxel-80 / IQxel-160

Industry reference 802.11ac wireless connectivity test systems


A premier test solution for GPS and GLONASS enabled devices.


A compact and rugged NFC test system that is optimized for both production lines and labs



Multi-device cellular signaling test solution


Multi-DUT mobile test system


Multi-DUT cellular test system


Bluetooth Advanced - LitePoint’s Bluetooth Low Energy over-the-air measurement solutionBluetooth Advanced

Over-the-air measurement solution specifically for BT Low Energy peripheral and beacon devices.

LitePoint IQfact+IQfact+

Turnkey calibration and verification solutions for key wireless chipsets.

LitePoint IQrampIQramp

Purpose-built data analysis toolset that is designed for test engineering and makes data analysis fast and easy.

IQvector ExampleIQvector

Specialized software designated to analyze the wireless capabilities of commonly utilized integrated wireless chipsets.


Ready-to-use test solutions for over 350 connectivity and cellular chipsets.