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IQFR1-RU 5G FR1 O-RAN Radio Unit Test System

Fully Integrated Tester for O-RAN Testing

IQFR1-RU is a pioneering simplified test solution for 5G FR1 O-RAN Radio Units (O-RUs)

It is the industry’s first fully integrated tester that supports the 3GPP 5G NR RF downlink and uplink measurement, as well as the O-RAN C/U/M/S-plane functionality necessary to configure the interface with the O-RU under test. The IQFR1-RU’s comprehensive testing capabilities and high level of integration make it an ideal solution for testing and evaluating the performance and functionality of 5G FR1 O-RAN Radio Units. Such testing equipment is essential for ensuring that 5G FR1 O-RAN Radio Units meet industry standards and specifications, and it helps to ensure that they function properly in real-world deployment scenarios.

Solution Highlights

  • Eliminates requirement for external DU emulator
  • Enables simplified waveform-based O-RAN RU testing
  • Optical link for C/U/S/M-plane messaging
  • Enables DL and UL RF parametric measurements
  • Software regression of RU O-RAN interface
  • Single-box simplicity allows easy scalability from R&D to production

Comprehensive O-RAN test architecture for simplicity and efficiency

  • Features multiple Vector Signal Generators (VSGs) and Vector Signal Analyzers (VSAs), for 5G FR1 waveform generation and analysis
  • Fully-integrated architecture with RF signal generation, analysis, front-end routing and optical interface, self-contained within a single chassis
  • Supports up to 8 bi-directional RF ports, factory-calibrated to enable fast and efficient setup process
  • Eliminates dependency on DU emulator and external switch/combiner, thus allowing easy scalability from lab to production and minimizing capital spend.

RF parametric measurements to assure fundamental radio performance

  • Simplified solution for waveform-based DL and UL RF parametric measurements
  • Enables eCPRI packet generation and analysis of the downlink signal received from the O-RU’s Tx port
  • Transmits pre-defined waveforms for uplink signal analysis of the eCPRI packets received at the O-RU’s Rx port

Supports the required portions of the O-RAN Distributed Unit (O-DU) functions as defined by split option 7-2x

  • Enables C/U/S/M-plane messaging using the optical link for high-speed digital data exchange with the radio unit 
  • Supports S-plane time synchronization using the IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) over the O-RAN interface
  • Optional 1PPS output and 10MHz output for providing reference clock signal to the radio unit
  • Facilitates symbol level analysis of the O-RAN control plane downlink, O-RAN user plane downlink and O-RAN user plane uplink data