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IQgig-5G mmWave Test Solution Accelerates Economies of Scale in Manufacturing.

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IQcell-5G Signaling Test Solution

5G NR FR1 & FR2 Test Solution

IQcell-5G is a simplified 5G signaling test solution designed for end-of-line manufacturing, software regression & functional performance testing.

Purpose built to validate RF parametric measurements, end-to-end throughput, MIMO, mobility, and user experience testing across cellular and cellular capable connectivity devices such as smartphones, CPE’s, laptops, tablets, hotspots & much more.

RF parametric verification to assure fundamental call connectivity & reliability  

  • Perform in-channel transceiver measurements such as power, EVM, carrier leakage, directly impacting radio link continuity, device call registration, data upload-download, mobility and much more   
  • Active antenna pattern measurements in addition to total radiated power (TRP), total isotropic sensitivity (TIS) testing, to determine transmission reliability, receiver sensitivity & hardware signal quality

Ensure quality of service with BLER, throughput & MIMO test 

  • End-to-end data throughput with a built-in iPerf server 
  • FR1 multicarrier MIMO support with up to 2 CC 4×4 MIMO & 4 CC 2×2 MIMO configuration
  • Receiver sensitivity and physical layer error estimation with block error rate (BLER) measurements

Software regression to ensure repeatable & stable UE performance 

  • Daily/Weekly regression of critical metrics such as RF parametric, throughput, handover across varied bands, bandwidths, power levels, modulation scheme, etc.
  • Simple and efficient way to evaluate the impact of SW changes on essential HW characteristics
  • Ideal for finished product quality check, multi-SKU validation and HW & SW prototyping

Validate end-user satisfaction with user experience test

  • Coverage for real world scenario test such as MO/MT call, SMS, file transfer, audio loopback, web browsing, to ensure final product performs as expected in consumer hands 
  • Idle & connected mode mobility test across 5G & LTE to validate seamless interoperability and connectivity
  • Functional verification of multiple SIM’s and remote provisioning & testing of embedded SIM’s (eSIM)

Increased production throughput with multi-cell, multi-device architecture

  • Support for up to four independent FR1 cells providing four times higher test capacity ideal for a high-volume production environment
  • Lower cost of test with support for up to 32 UEs in OTA test environment
  • Smaller footprint with built-in iPerf server eliminates the need for an external server PC
  • Reduced manufacturing test & development time with IQfact-s automation tool enabling execution of essential RF parametric & throughput test cases 

Modular architecture with flexible design to accommodate changing test needs

  • Modular architecture & licensing model facilitates support for either or both FR1 and FR2 frequency range
  • Flexible design allows easy transition from standalone (SA) to non-standalone (NSA) mode by simply adding an optional LTE anchor
  • Optional support for legacy cellular technologies – WCDMA and GSM 

Reduced test flow development and execution time

  • Built-in web-based GUI enables real time RF parametric measurements, visualization, and analysis
  • IQfact-s automation test tool enables easy customization & development of test flows for hardware/ software regression under varied conditions, such as bands, bandwidths, modulation schemes, power levels, etc.

Frequency Range Support

IQcell-5G is configurable to support multiple configuration requirements,

  • FR1 SA/NSA
  • FR2 NSA
  • FR1 + FR2 SA/NSA 
  • LTE, WCDMA, GSM (in NSA mode)

With IQcell-5G, examine the vitals of the final packaged product to warrant basic user experience functionality and minimize returns from the field.