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IQgig-UWB+™ Tester

Next gen Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Test System

Industry-standard UWB Test System Just Got Better

UWB, used in mission critical applications, such as precise location-based services and secure entry and payment, requires rigorous testing in R&D characterization and certification, and accurate and efficient testing in high-volume production. LitePoint’s IQgig-UWB+, a UWB physical-layer test system that was designed for UWB from the ground up, meets the specific and challenging testing needs of UWB.

UWB (802.15.4z and beyond) Testing from R&D and Certification to the Manufacturing Floor

  • Complete Ultra-Wideband test solution with all signal generation, analysis, and processing contained in a single, robust instrument
  • Covers the complete frequency range of Band Group 2 channels, from 5 GHz to 11 GHz
  • Enables comprehensive transmitter and receiver testing with > 1.4 GHz single-shot bandwidth
  • Precision trigger and response mechanism to enable accurate Time of Flight (ToF) measurements with picosecond level accuracy
  • Incorporates features for synchronizing packet to UWB packet switching

All-encompassing One-Box Tester 

  • Integrated per-port delay lines and attenuation for angle-of-arrival (AoA) calibration and verification within the tester, reducing cabling and simplifying setup
  • Built-in LNA in the Over-the-Air (OTA) ports with low noise figure to provide better sensitivity for OTA test environments
  • Comes in 5-port, 10-port, and 20-port configurations to choose from for use cases from R&D to multi-DUT production

UWB Complete Over-The-Air (OTA) DVT Solution

  • Comprehensive total solution for UWB ranging (ToF) and Angle of Arrival (AoA) characterization and RF parametric data collection of UWB devices
  • OTA DVT Chamber provides a compact and flexible solution for UWB device characterization and design verification
  • High performance Vivaldi antenna optimized for UWB testing: high gain across UWB frequencies for improved OTA SNR, accurate phase center for AoA testing and flat group delay. UWB/Bluetooth® antennas are also available for dual-technology testing.
  • Single-polarized and dual-polarized Vivaldi Antenna for azimuth and elevation AoA characterization/calibration

Designed for UWB Manufacturing Testing

  • Multi-port configurations are easily expandable for efficient multi-DUT testing in production test 
  • Turnkey IQfact+™ application software provides quick and reliable results for both calibration and verification 

Turnkey Solutions for Leading UWB Chipset Manufacturers

  • Start testing immediately with IQfact+ software solutions for wide variety of leading Ultra-Wideband chipsets
  • Ideal for characterization and production, automates tester control, DUT control and data collection

UWB Technology Options

  • Ultra-Wideband
  • Zigbee