Test Solutions for the RF Lab

The RF lab is changing, and your test technology must adapt. You need to get accurate chip test and first silicon characterization data back to design quickly, for fast production release and early market success. LitePoint lab solutions are much more than a pretty box. LitePoint lab solutions integrate into your existing infrastructure and seamlessly connect to your data automation systems. This means your results get when and where they are needed most.

Test Solutions

zSeries DOCSIS 3.1zSeries DOCSIS 3.1

Cable Modem Production Test Solution

PA FEM TesterzSeries – PA/FEM

Power Amplifier/Front-End Module Design Test Solution

RFICzSeries – RFIC

RFIC Chipset Test Solution

IQxelIQxel-80 / IQxel-160

Industry reference 802.11ac wireless connectivity test systems


A premier test solution for GPS and GLONASS enabled devices.


A compact and rugged NFC test system that is optimized for both production lines and labs

Chassis & Controllers

unit2-9slot-chassis-front-angle-empty_webzSeries 9-Slot Chassis

9-Slot 3U PXI™ Express Chassis

unit1-18slot-chassis-front-angle-empty_webzSeries 18-Slot Chassis

18-Slot 3U PXI™ Express Chassis

z8820 DC Power & Digital IO Controllerz8820 DC Power & Digital IO Controller

Single-slot 3U PXIe module that supports remote instrumentation and electronics outside the PXI chassis

z3985 Embedded Controllerz3985 Embedded Controller

Embedded Controller for 3U PXI™ Express Systems

z3975z3975 Embedded Controller

Embedded Controller for 3U PXI™ Express Systems

Individual Instruments



Turnkey calibration and verification solutions for key wireless chipsets.


Purpose-built data analysis toolset that is designed for test engineering and makes data analysis fast and easy.


Specialized software designated to analyze the wireless capabilities of commonly utilized integrated wireless chipsets.

zScript Test Sequence Software

Test sequence software that runs test apps automatically taking measurement sweeps

zSignal 802.11ax

Transmit quality analysis and waveform creator support for the next-generation IEEE 802.11ax High Efficiency WLAN standard

zSignal Cellular Analysis Software

Vector Signal Analysis Software for Cellular Standards (2G, 3G, 4G)

zSignal WLAN Analysis Software

zSignal WLAN Analysis & Waveform Creator Software


Ready-to-use test solutions for over 350 connectivity and cellular chipsets.