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5G Sub-6GHz and mmWave is Here.

Why 5G?

5G has arrived and 5G Testing for 5G mmWave becomes even more imperative. 5G, the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications, is about more than phones. The fixed-wireless services with 5G enable wireless carriers to compete with traditional broadband suppliers like cable companies. This means 5G delivers higher data rates with greater device connectivity. By using a wide range of the frequency spectrum, 5G data rates span sub-6 GHz as well as millimeter-wave (>30 GHz) providing 10x higher speed than the previous generation mobile communications (>1 Gbps).

World's First Fully-Integrated 5G Test System

5G mmWave measurements in minutes enables quick validation of product designs and accelerated time-to-market.

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Ensuring a Quality 5G Wireless User Experience

5G Basics: How 5G differs from preceding technology generations and how it will make your 5G products successful.

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5G Heterogeneous Networks & RF Test Implications

Understanding network components, their characteristics, possible use cases and the implications on RF test is critical.

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Comprehensive 3D RF Measurements and Analysis

LitePoint’s Antenna Measurement and Analysis Software (AMAS), enables automated chamber control and performs 2D and 3D antenna pattern measurements.

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What Makes Testing 5G Different?

The physics of millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology drives test to be done exclusively over-the-air (OTA). Nearly all commercial wireless technologies are primarily tested connected, or what is referred to as “conducted,” with a final gross functional check done OTA. For 5G mmWave, all parametric performance testing is done OTA.

Previously, no “consumer-grade” mmWave products existed, including test equipment. The majority of test equipment today is general-purpose, expensive and requires the user to piece together multiple instruments (both hardware and software). The challenge in testing sub-6 GHz 5G is there are more antennas and more frequency bands, which translates into longer test times.

Why LitePoint?

LitePoint is shipping the first and only single box test solution for 5G mmWave–IQgig-5G. Other test solutions involve multiple boxes, cables and complicated setups.

Here’s how LitePoint is leading the way with mmWave 5G test:

  • First fully-integrated single box test system on the market for 5G mmWave
  • Test solution of choice selected by multiple leading 5G chipset manufacturers
  • Cost-effective and space-efficient chamber for making OTA measurements
  • The only sub-6 GHz 5G solution on the market that covers 200 MHz bandwidth and can also test high-performance 802.11ax applications

As we continue to make strides toward 5G commercialization, it’s clear that the world is ready for 5G. Are you?

Cristiano Amon, President | Qualcomm, OnQ Blog