IQgig-RF Model B

802.11ad & ay (WiGig) Test System

IQgig™ RF is a high performance physical-layer test solution tailored for Over-the-Air (OTA) testing of 802.11ad and ay (WiGig) RF modules and end products.

When used in conjunction with IQgig-IF, an optimized test solution for conducted testing of WiGig chipsets and baseband modules, the IQgig family products provide total test solution for R&D characterization and high volume manufacturing.

Optimized for Device Characterization in 60 GHz band

• Fully-calibrated one-box tester, enables simple and fast bring-up
• Supports Over-the-Air (OTA) testing for characterization of WiGig RF modules and end-products
• Direct baseband-to-60 GHz design minimizes spurs and provides high-quality low-noise performance
• Flexible test heads with a compact design specifically designed for OTA testing keep dissipated heat to a minimum

Testing Over WiGig Frequency Range of 55 GHz – 70 GHz

• Comprehensive Physical layer test coverage of 802.11ad/ay standards across the frequency range of 55 GHz to 70 GHz with an RF bandwidth of 1.9 GHz
• Unique zero-IF tester architecture delivers better than -30 dB EVM and low noise floor

Superior Test Throughput for Manufacturing

• Dual-module option enables true x2 throughput with efficient multi-DUT parallel testing
• LitePoint’s patented phase shift measurement technique thoroughly validates beamforming capability in a fraction of standard test time
• Complementary IQgig test solutions provide easy correlation between IF and RF measurements and ensure seamless transition from the lab to the factory floor

WiGig Technology Options

• 802.11ad
• 802.11ay

When & Where to Use the IQgig-RF for Testing?

• R&D lab, DVT, Sampling, Production test environments
• From chipsets to modules, final product characterization or manufacturing lifecycle stages
• For mmWave mobile or infrastructure devices