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IQgig-5G mmWave Test Solution Accelerates Economies of Scale in Manufacturing.

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IQxstream-5G FR1 Cellular Tester

5G FR1 Test System for 5G NR UE & Small Cell Testing

IQxstream-5G™ is a future proof, multi-DUT, multi-antenna manufacturing test solution with 200 MHz of contiguous bandwidth for physical layer testing across 5G NR FR1 frequency range.

This high performance, comprehensive non-signaling tester is ideal for both 5G user equipment (UE) & small cell testing across multiple cellular technologies including 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G.

Comprehensive Platform that Supports 5G FR1, Legacy Cellular and Connectivity Technologies

  • Support for all 5G FR1 frequencies within 400 MHz – 6000/7300 MHz (Optional support for 7300 MHz with IQxstream-5G+)
  • Support for C-V2X, LTE TDD/ FDD, LAA and other legacy 2G/3G technologies
  • Software upgradeable to support wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi (802.11a/ac/ah/ax/b/g/n/p/af), Bluetooth®, Zigbee, NB-IoT and the popular navigational technologies

Superior Performance Designed for Chipset Development and Testing

  • Outstanding EVM performance of up to -45 dB at 100 MHz CC
  • Support for 200 MHz of contiguous bandwidth facilitating 5G NR carrier aggregation (CA) signal analysis
  • Broad VSG dynamic range with a maximum output Power of up to +5dBm

RF Port Expansion for Multi-DUT Multi-Antenna Manufacturing Test

  • IQ3107 expansion module enables scaling up to 32 DUT ports
  • Dual-module architecture with multi-port expansion ideal for multi-antenna, multi-DUT testing for devices operational up to 7.3GHz
  • Seamless integration with full duplex RF ports, faster switching and full control via tester SCPI commands

Turnkey Solution for Multi-DUT Manufacturing Test

  • Intuitive GUI simplifies test parameter modification and provides a visual analysis of test results
  • Calibration and verification software IQfact5G enables extensive and faster data logging and analysis
  • IQfact5G coupled with asynchronous parallel test maximizes multi-DUT efficiencies

Available Technology Options for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G Cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth®, IoT and LPWAN

• 5G 3GPP NR
• 5G Small Cell
• CDMA / CDMA2000
• LTE IoT UE categories Cat 1, Cat 0 (Cat M1) and Cat NB1 (NB-IoT)
• LTE Small Cell (Femtocell, Picocell)
• Wi-Fi, 802.11ax
• Wi-Fi, 802.11ac
• Wi-Fi, 802.11a/b/g/j/n/p
• Wi-Fi, 802.11af
• Wi-Fi, 802.11ah
• Bluetooth®, Classic (1.x, 2.x, 3.0), Low Energy (4.0, 4.1, 4.2) and Bluetooth® 5.x
• LPWAN, Sigfox / LoRa
• Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-SUN
• Navigation: GPS, GLONASS, Compass and Galileo

When & Where to Use the IQxstream-5G for Testing?

  • For small cells or mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops or IoT devices