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IQcell™ is a cellular signaling test solution ideal for true end user experience testing across 2G/3G/4G technologies.

Suitable for final product test, phone service centers and repair factories, the solution is available in 2-port and 8-port configurations for single DUT and Multi DUT testing.

Multi-Cell Multi RAT Technology Support

  • Contains multiple independent signaling engines that enable multi-device testing as well as multi-technology (Inter-RAT) handovers to verify phone’s ability to maintain a call or data session when moving between different cell coverage areas

True End-User Experience Testing

  • Simulates true live-network scenarios, configurable for any global band
  • Allows you to directly correlate your product’s lab test result to its performance in the field
  • Ensure device’s antenna is installed properly, cellular radio is assembled and calibrated correctly, system software is loaded and running, and device is ready for use in intended global region

Optimized for Service Centers & Repair Factories

  • Designed from the ground up to provide high quality cellular measurements with the smallest footprint, and highest throughput, for validating mobile cellular devices at service centers, store fronts, and repair factories
  • Complete setup includes everything required for test: IQcell Test System, IQ5040 RF Fixtures (shielded enclosure) and IQservice automation software

Voice-Over-LTE (VoLTE) Support

  • Supports the testing of VoLTE, giving a user high confidence in the device’s performance under real live network scenarios
  • Test cases include Mobile-Originated (MO)/Mobile-Terminated (MT) calls with audio loopback and Mobile-to-Mobile voice calls

4G/3G/2G Technology Options

  • LTE Cat M
  • GSM

When & Where to Use the IQcell for Testing?

  • In manufacturing or repair center environments
  • For products in the final product test or finished product lifecycle stages
  • For 2G, 3G and 4G mobile or IoT devices