IQnfc+® is a physical layer test system optimized to characterize NFC devices in DVT and manufacturing phases. It supports all test cases as defined in EVCo and NFC Forum.

LitePoint provides turn-key software that facilitates test coil calibration, executes test plan and provides detailed waveform analysis and flexible APIs to customize test flow in the labs.

Comprehensive Test Coverage

  • Functional test checks basic NFC functionalities through the use of standard protocols
  • Functional verification on all key NFC standards through reduced signaling
  • RF parametric test monitors physical layer quality of DUT
  • Supports all EMVco and NFC Forum standard coils
  • Includes software for standard defined test cases and limits
  • Supports all main NFC standards and emulation of initiator and target modes including ISO 14443A/B, ISO 18092, EMVCo, FeliCa, NFC A/B/F/P2P

Fast & Simple Testing for the Lab & Manufacturing

  • Intuitive GUI streamlines analysis
  • Automated test solution minimizes test software development time and accelerates time to market
  • Compact and rugged design makes it easy to deploy into manufacturing lines
  • Lightweight and portable tester ideal to be transported to various locations to debug issues
  • Optional positioning fixture ensures repeatable measurements and easy DUT positioning

NFC Technology Options

  • ISO 14443A/B
  • ISO 18092
  • EMVCo
  • FeliCa
  • NFC A/B/F/P2P

When & Where to Use the IQnfc+ for Testing?

  • In the lab or manufacturing environments
  • For products in the PCB-level manufacturing or final product test lifecycle stages
  • For mobile or IoT devices