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LitePoint Seminar

Advanced Wireless Test Technology Seminar

Understanding 802.11ax, 5G, Bluetooth & More

In the IoT era, connectivity is essential for electronic devices; and testing those devices is essential for product quality and brand reputation through R&D and manufacturing. However, constantly emerging standards–such as Wi-Fi 6 (the new 802.11ax), Bluetooth LE and 5G–are making device testing an ever-increasing challenge. What is the best way to keep up and ensure that your device works in the marketplace, the way you designed it to work?

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As a global leader in wireless test, LitePoint’s solutions are your answer to faster, simpler and smarter test. At the LitePoint Advanced Wireless Test Technology Seminar, our experts shared their expertise and know-how on how to meet tomorrow’s challenges, today.

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Penang, Malaysia | Penang Skills Development Centre