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IQnews Q2 2023 Newsletter

Product Updates

IQgig-UWB+™ Tester

UWB, used in mission critical applications, such as precise location-based services and secure entry and payment, requires rigorous testing in R&D characterization and certification, and accurate and efficient testing in high-volume production. LitePoint’s IQgig-UWB+, a UWB physical-layer test system that was designed for UWB from the ground up, meets the specific and challenging testing needs of UWB.

Press Releases

LitePoint’s 5G Test Solutions Support Validation of Qualcomm 5G RAN Solution

LitePoint’s IQxstream-5G+ test solution is available for testing Open-RAN Radio Unit products using Qualcomm QRU100 5G RAN Platform

Wi-Fi Alliance advances testing of 6 GHz standard power devices controlled by the Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) system.

“LitePoint is pleased about the continued collaboration with Wi-Fi Alliance to enhance the adoption of the 6 GHz band. With the success of the forthcoming AFC certification, standard power access points will facilitate high density deployments and offer uninterrupted connectivity at both scale and speed.”

O-RAN ALLIANCE Displays Growing Momentum and Potential of AI through Spring PlugFest and MWC Shanghai

The O-RAN Global PlugFest Spring 2023 was conducted from April to June 2 in ten labs across Asia, Europe and North America, with 60 participating companies or institutions. The tests provided participants validation of O-RAN equipment conformance, performance and interoperability; tackled issues and overcome hurdles to wider technology adoption; and facilitated exploration of new features, scenarios and applications.


Test and Measurement Forum

The Test and Measurement Forum dug into the details of lab and manufacturing testing, field network testing and service assurance challenges and solutions. LitePoint’s Khushboo Kalyani presented on 5G FWA Device Testing, followed by the panel discussion: 5G Device Testing – from the lab to the real world.

Wi-Fi World Congress UK/Europe 2023

Wi-Fi World Congress brought the world’s Wi-Fi leaders together for three days of all things Wi-Fi – with a special focus on innovation & opportunity. LitePoint’s Johannes Nguyen led the masterclass: Key Test Metrics to Ensure Wi-Fi 7 Performance, and LitePoint demoed the IQxel-MX test platform for testing Wi-Fi 7.

Mobile World Congress Shanghai – Virtual Exhibition

LitePoint demonstrates its IQFR1-RU test system designed to validate RF parametric measurements and functional performance of the 5G FR1 O-RAN Radio Unit (O-RU) over the split 7.2x interface. The instrument supports 3GPP 5G NR RF downlink and uplink measurements and the O-RAN C/U/M/S-plane functionality necessary for configuring the interface between the test equipment and the O-RU under test.

Upcoming Events

RCR Wireless News Open RAN Forum

The fifth edition of this event seeks to discuss the progress of Open RAN and the crucial role of the RIC. Join to the latest on commercial deployments, security, and the continuing debate regarding interoperability and parity of performance.

Fierce Wireless Open RAN Summit

Join this year’s Open RAN Summit as we discuss some of the biggest trends and challenges facing the ORAN industry, from testing, integration, private networks, and much more.


Stay on top of key commercial and technological developments in the wireless test industry with the help of LitePoint experts. Get the latest trends and knowledge sharing within 5G, UWB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® with this curated selection of LitePoint thought leadership.

You can find additional product documentation, articles, white papers, demo videos, webcasts—and more—from LitePoint experts in our Knowledge Base.

Visit the LitePoint blog to learn about the latest wireless technologies, their ecosystem, applications, and testing solutions.

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Consumers are always waiting to get their hands on the next big thing, and companies need reliable wireless testing to guarantee each device performs as intended in their customers’ hands. Building a reliable test strategy ensures product quality and builds the foundation of trust for businesses selling wireless devices.

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In the latest 3 for 3 video, Khushboo Kalyani, Product Marketing Manager at LitePoint, discusses what UWB technology is, how it works, why it is gaining so much momentum, and what spectrum it uses for its operation.

Watch now

LitePoint's Yuka Muto explores the potential of UWB technology in mission-critical applications such as keyless car entry and digital payment, and the challenges it faces in wider adoption.

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Device manufacturers often use pre-certified cellular modules in their designs as a practical and easy way to add cellular connectivity. IQfactATM was developed to provide an automated test solution for reliable, high speed, and cost-effective verification of pre-certified cellular modules.

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Testing and interoperability become more complex and crucial in Open RAN multi-vendor model. Isolated testing of each component is an important step in the test process. LitePoint has developed the IQFR1-RU tester, a single-box solution for testing O-RAN compliant radio units.

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Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is becoming a rapidly scalable and viable alternative to traditional broadband services. As 5G and Wi-Fi come together to offer wireless connectivity, the devices that enable FWA must be validated to address wireless performance from numerous angles.

Watch on-demand

LitePoint's Khushboo Kalyani and Novamint's Thierry Berisot joined Prakash Sangam, Tantra Analyst to delve into the latest updates and solutions regarding quality assurance, meeting standards and regulations, and getting devices to market faster to enable 5G at scale.

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LitePoint joined a panel at the Test and Measurement Forum to discuss some of the testing challenges associated with next-generation devices, like those equipped with 5G and Wi-Fi 7, as well as communication satellites that will orbit the earth.

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LitePoint's Khushboo Kalyani gave a presentation outlining some of the value propositions of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) for both the operators and consumers, and when it comes to the consumer side of the equation, the top testing considerations for FWA customer-premises equipment (CPE) the company has identified.

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