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IQnews Q3 2021 Newsletter

Product Updates

LitePoint launches the IQxel-MX High Performance 802.11be Test System

Wi-Fi 7, the fastest Wi-Fi generation requires the best performing test solution and LitePoint has developed the IQxel-MX test platform with industry-leading performance.

Press Releases

LitePoint Announces IQxel-MX Test System for Wi-Fi 7, World’s Newest and Fastest Wi-Fi Standard

LitePoint launches the IQxel-MX to fully ensure that next-generation Wi-Fi devices meet the highest level of Wi-Fi 7 performance

LitePoint Names Anna Smith New Vice President of Worldwide Sales

Smith brings over 20 years of experience and a strong track record of leading sales growth in the semiconductor industry


RCR Wireless Editorial Webinar – Minding the mid-band: C Band and CBRS efforts

Join LitePoint’s Rex Chen as he shares insights on 5G mid-band status and wireless test challenges in this spectrum along with other industry leaders, hosted by RCR Wireless.

On-Demand Recordings

Watch our latest on-demand recordings of the next-gen technologies. Learn about the latest trends, technology standards, challenges involved and the opportunities created by these emerging ecosystems. Learn more about 5G, UWB, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth® 5.1 and Bluetooth® 5.2 deployment, technicalities, and its testing.


Stay on top of key commercial and technological developments in the wireless test industry with the help of LitePoint experts. Get the latest trends and knowledge sharing within 5G, UWB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® with this curated selection of LitePoint thought leadership.

You can find additional product documentation, articles, white papers, demo videos, webcasts—and more—from LitePoint experts in our Knowledge Base.

Discover how micro-location positioning unlocks a new generation of use cases. Eve Danel compares positioning accuracy among Bluetooth® 5.1, UWB, and Wi-Fi 802.11az technologies.

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Learn how Bluetooth® 5.1 brings new location capabilities with direction finding enhancements.

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LitePoint enters the 5G small cell business market. LitePoint's Middle Wen shares insights in 5G small cell and radio unit test solution.

Read the article

RCR Wireless News looks at the availability of midband spectrum in the U.S., the status of tests and trials and how the additional spectrum is expected to shape 5G deployments going forward.

Download the editorial report

Visit the LitePoint blog to learn about the latest wireless technologies, their ecosystem, applications, and testing solutions

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Discover the key new features Wi-Fi 7 will offer in under 5 minutes

Watch the video

FiRa Presents: UWB at the Physical Layer. LitePoint's Eve Danel speaks on UWB technology at the PHY Level.

Watch the video

Download LitePoint's new Wi-Fi 7 poster. Wi-Fi 7 will be the fastest Wi-Fi generation, with throughput higher than 30 Gbps and very low latency.

Download the poster

Download this Wi-Fi 7 desktop background image to learn about new 802.11be channelization plan for 320 MHz channels, EHT PPDU and preamble fields.

Download the image

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