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IQnews Q3 2023 Newsletter

Press Releases

LitePoint Provides Wi-Fi 6E/7 Test Solution for Wi-Fi Alliance® Automatic Frequency Coordination Certification

New Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ program capability ensures high-quality Wi-Fi user-experience for indoor and outdoor deployments.
LitePoint’s IQxel family of wireless test solutions accelerates adoption of 6 GHz compatible Wi-Fi devices

LitePoint and InnoPhase Collaborate to Verify Performance of 5G Infrastructure Technology

LitePoint’s IQxstream-5G+ radio test solution co-validated with InnoPhase for the Hermes TWO 4G/5G small cell / O-RAN split 7.x compliant radio chipset


Open RAN Summit, Fierce Wireless
Troubleshooting and Integration in a Multi-Vendor RAN – Testing, Testing, Testing

Everyone following the O-RAN discussion is aware of its potential to innovate the industry. A common point of contention is how we test and integrate in a disaggregated network. When things go wrong in the single vendor scenario, the solution is straightforward enough. However, with multiple vendors, operators must first identify the problem, then ensure any subsequent solutions are still fully operable with all other constituent parts.

Open RAN Global Forum, RCR Wireless News
Progress update – ecosystem maturity and evolution

Key stakeholders come together to discuss product maturity, innovation and market dynamics

Automotive Tech Innovation Days

LitePoint hosted a 2-day Automotive Innovation event for major automotive companies in Detroit in August, showcasing our leading Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and FiRa Consortium-certified UWB test solutions that ensure mission-critical wireless connections work reliably on the road.

Our next Automotive Tech Innovation Days event is in San Jose from November 7-8.

LitePoint Seminar Taiwan

LitePoint hosted an Innovative Testing Technology Seminar in Taipei and Hsinchu in August, sharing the latest developments in wireless testing technology, such as 5G Open RAN, Automotive V2X, Wi-Fi 7 and UWB solutions.

LitePoint Seminar China

LitePoint hosted an Innovative Testing Technology Seminar in Shanghai and Shenzhen in September, sharing the latest developments in wireless testing technology, such as 5G Open RAN, Automotive V2X, Wi-Fi 7 and UWB solutions.

5G and Beyond Forum, DIGITIMES

LitePoint participated the DIGITIMES 5G Forum, sharing views on simplifying the deployment of Open RAN Radio Units in Greenfield Sites and Private Networks, and showcasing 5G O-RAN Radio Unit and 5G UE signaling solutions.


Stay on top of key commercial and technological developments in the wireless test industry with the help of LitePoint experts. Get the latest trends and knowledge sharing within 5G, UWB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® with this curated selection of LitePoint thought leadership.

You can find additional product documentation, articles, white papers, demo videos, webcasts—and more—from LitePoint experts in our Knowledge Base.

Visit the LitePoint blog to learn about the latest wireless technologies, their ecosystem, applications, and testing solutions.

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LitePoint’s Middle Wen discusses O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) and explores its unique functionalities that make it different from traditional RAN. He also talks about the benefits of O-RAN and the advantages of O-RAN RU testing using LitePoint’s advanced solutions.

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Continuous testing is thought to be paramount in the success in deploying multi-vendor O-RAN networks. Therefore, with such importance, who will be able to do testing? Should this be the responsibility of the system integrator, or something developed in-house?

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Discover how 5G and Wi-Fi are coming together to enable the rise of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) for private and enterprise networks. LitePoint's Khushboo Kalyani examines benefits of FWA and key factors driving its adoption.

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With exceptional accuracy in determining the positioning of devices, UWB is used in mission-critical applications such as location services, secure access, and asset tracking. LitePoint’s Yuka Muto explains commonly used technical terms and methodologies underlying UWB technology.

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LitePoint’s Yuka Muto discusses what Bluetooth Channel Sounding is, and how it compares to traditional Bluetooth ranging and UWB.

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Radio unit (RU) testing is critical for vRAN/open RAN deployments. Tantra Analyst's Prakash Sangam discusses the unique testing needs for O-RUs and considerations for selecting the best test equipment.

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LitePoint's Adam Smith discusses product maturity, innovation and market dynamics of O-RAN on panel: Progress Update - Ecosystem, Maturity and Evolution.

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