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3 for 3: UWB, what is it and how does it work?

UWB (Ultra-Wideband), defined in the IEEE standard 802.15.4, enables high precision and secure fine ranging ca...

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Testing Builds Trusted Brands

In today’s world, connectivity has become almost as critical in our everyday lives as electricity and water. W...

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3 for 3: Wi-Fi 7, A New Era of Connectivity

Wi-Fi 7 will be the fastest Wi-Fi generation, with throughput higher than 30 Gbps and very low latency. L...

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802.11be/Wi-Fi 7: What is it and when will I get it?

With 320 MHz ch...

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Latest UWB developments: AoA, FiRa Certifications and More

UWB is evolving...

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Location, Location, Location! Bluetooth® 5.1, UWB and 802.11az

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Deploying Small Cell for 5G – Use Cases & Benefits Webinar

Small cells hav...

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What’s new in Bluetooth®? A look at Bluetooth® 5.1 and 5.2 Webinar

Bluetooth® SIG ...

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Webinar Tech Exchange How is 5G shaping up in 2020?

How is 5G shapi...

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IQnews Q3 2020 Newsletter

Topics Include

  • Tech Exchange
  • IQxstream-5G
  • 5G
  • IQgig-UWB
  • wi-fi 6e

IQnews Q1 2020 Newsletter

Topics Include

  • wi-fi 6e
  • 5G NR
  • IQfactATM
  • IQfact5G
  • 6-GHz Spectrum

IQnews Q3/Q4 2019 Newsletter

Topics Include

  • IQxel-MW 7G
  • V2X
  • IQgig-5G; 5G
  • OFDMA Test Solution
  • Wi-Fi 6 6 Ghz Testing

IQnews 2019年第1四半期および第2四半期のニュースレター

Topics Include

  • trends
  • user experience
  • LitePoint 5G Seminar
  • C-V2X Automotive OEM & Supplier Workshop
  • IQgig-5G

IQnews Q3 / Q4 2018ニュースレター

Topics Include

  • IQgig-5G
  • OTA Chamber
  • IQxstream-5G
  • Wi-Fi Quality Issues
  • MWC Barcelona

IQnews 2018年第2四半期ニュースレター

Topics Include

  • Wi-Fi
  • 5G
  • IQgig-RF Model B
  • 802.11ax
  • mmWave

IQnews 2018年第1四半期ニュースレター

Topics Include

  • MWC Barcelona
  • faqs
  • Bluetooth® 5