2020 Wireless Test Trends, Predictions and Insights

Although sales are expected to reach close to 200 million units for 5G-enabled smartphones in 2020, the 5G era is still early, ambiguous, and challenging. As product companies embrace sub-6 GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) technologies, they are preparing to launch the next round of 5G products. A key component to making the 5G era successful is spectrum availability, where we expect significant 2020 governmental actions in both the licensed and unlicensed frequency bands. This paves the way for 5G and Wi-Fi products to ramp to market in a big way.

While 5G has been getting the headlines, there are additional companion wireless technologies, some new and some recycled, that are starting to integrate into mobile products. A new frontier is opening around indoor positioning, direction-finding, and gesture sensing, creating new ways in which we can interact with our devices as well as how devices can interact with each other. LitePoint is at the forefront of delivering robust test solutions that address these new technologies, enabling device manufacturers to bring devices to market with overall best test economics.

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