Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications September 17, 2019

IQgig-5G Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications August 23, 2019

IQxstream-5G Technical Specifications

5G Sub-6 GHz Cellular Test System

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Resource November 8, 2017

Transitioning to a 5G World: Evolving Testing to Meet Operators’ Needs

Expected 5G spectrum utilization means major engineering and design challenges: very high frequencies and large...

Resource October 3, 2017

5G Heterogeneous Networks & Implications on RF Test

This webcast provides an overview of the 5G heterogeneous network components, their characteristics, the resulting...

Resource June 14, 2017

5G & IoT Create a Market for mmWave

Emerging millimeter wave technology, which supports vastly higher frequencies and broader channel bandwidths than other Wi-Fi and cellular technologies, will facilitate the integration of IoT devices into the 5G network.