Frequently Asked Questions

My IQfact+ is locked. How do I get a license key?

IQfact+ uses a license key, which allows the software to run with specific testers based on the serial number of the tester. The license keys are provided by LitePoint in an electronic file called TesterID.dll, which must be copied into the “/bin” directory for the IQfact+ package. Each IQfact+ package requires a different license key; therefore a different TesterID.dll file is required for each IQfact+ package.

The TesterID.dll file contains one or more tester serial numbers so the same license file can be used with multiple testers. These TesterID.dll files are provided by LitePoint for specific IQfact+ packages and specific tester serial numbers. Because these files are encrypted, there is no way to determine the IQfact+ package or serial numbers from the encrypted file. You need to keep original record so that you’ll know which IQfact+ package and which serial numbers the TesterID.dll file is for.

If you need additional licenses, please contact your sales representative or visit LitePoint Support.