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LitePoint and Sivers Semiconductors Collaborate to Improve Cellular Coverage with Innovative 5G mmWave Technology

LitePoint IQgig-5G Test System to Test and Validate Sivers mmWave 5G solutions

SAN JOSE, California

LitePoint, a leading provider of wireless test solutions, today announced a technology development partnership with Sivers for its 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) Antenna in Package (AiP) products. LitePoint’s versatile IQgig-5G non-signaling test solution provides Sivers with a turnkey solution to quickly get RF measurement results.

Over the next three years, 5G wireless traffic is expected to grow exponentially. Mobile carriers are adding millimeter wave infrastructure to meet the demand for more capacity. Sivers’s innovative AiP designs simplify millimeter wave designs by lowering power dissipation and reducing cost.

“The Sivers team is excited to bring a new approach to millimeter wave designs using our RFSOI technology delivering an end-to-end solution from transceivers to the air interface,” said Frank Lane, Sivers Semiconductors VP of Engineering. “By working with LitePoint, we can rapidly characterize the beamforming on our phase array Antenna in Package (AiP) modules, and simplify test support for our OEM customers as they move into production.”

Sivers’s breakthrough integration with AiP modules enable greater flexibility and lower cost for mobile carriers to deploy 5G millimeter infrastructure products. The collaboration with LitePoint will support and accelerate the deployment of this integral product, advancing the 5G infrastructure build out of 5G mmWave.

“Sivers’s approach to simplifying Antenna in Package designs mirrors LitePoint’s approach to simplify test and characterization,” said Rex Chen, Director of Strategic Business Development at LitePoint. “We are pleased to work with Sivers to support the development and deployment of their mmWave AiP technology to the 5G infrastructure both in product design and manufacturing test.”

Technical Details

LitePoint’s IQgig-5G is a fully integrated, versatile multiband millimeter wave (mmWave) non-signaling test solution and the first of its kind to support all 5G FR2 frequencies within the 23-45GHz frequency range. All signal generation, analysis, processing, and RF front-end switching are self-contained inside a single chassis. The one-box design makes it simple to set up, use and maintain in order to achieve reliable measurements. The test system enables small cell waveform generation and analysis for 5G radio technologies, provides an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and allows for real-time RF parametric analysis for small cell products.

Sivers’s ECLIPSE3741 is a highly integrated 5G beamformer phased array Antenna in Package (AiP) module. It combines multiple Sivers RFSOI beamforming front end integrated circuits with a 16 element (4×4) antenna array. Covering FR2 band, n260 from 37.0 to 41.0 GHz, it offers exceptionally high linear output power, efficiency, and extreme integration. This AiP module is designed to enable λ/2 wavelength antenna lattice spacing when tiled together to support higher power applications. It has also been extensively optimized for heat management.