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LitePoint Collaborates with Broadcom to Ensure Performance and Accelerate Verification of New Wi-Fi 7 Chips

LitePoint’s IQxel-MX test platform selected to verify Broadcom Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem solutions

SAN JOSE, California

LitePoint, a leading provider of wireless test solutions, today announced its collaboration with global technology leader Broadcom Inc. to ensure performance and accelerate verification of access points based on Broadcom’s new Wi-Fi 7 chips. LitePoint’s IQxel-MX tester has been selected to test Broadcom’s industry-leading chips, since this test platform enables comprehensive validation of key new Wi-Fi 7 access point and client features, all of which are critical to ensuring the high speed and low-latency communications to support next generation applications such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

For residential and enterprise users, Wi-Fi 7 offers higher throughput, reduced latency and higher reliability, thanks to many key enhancements to the standard including 4096-QAM modulation, extra-wide 320 MHz channels and flexibility to operate in all 3 frequency bands. Multi-Link Operation (MLO) further increases Wi-Fi’s capability to operate in high-density congested environments by allowing access points to schedule transmissions on multiple links to optimize bandwidth, latency and range.

With best-in-class RF performance, the IQxel-MX is optimized to validate a device’s wireless signal quality and optimal operation over multiple links and multiple bands. This makes the IQxel-MX the best choice for accelerating R&D development of next generation Wi-Fi access points that utilize Broadcom’s Wi-Fi 7 chipsets.

“LitePoint is proud to continue our collaboration with Broadcom to deliver the newest Wi-Fi technology to the market. Our fully integrated, easy to deploy high-performance test solutions are essential to ensuring that Wi-Fi 7 devices meet the challenging metrics of this new wireless standard,” said Adam Smith, LitePoint Director Product Marketing. “Broadcom selected LitePoint’s IQxel-MX solution for its best-in-class modulation accuracy, ensuring high measurement precision for the highest Wi-Fi 7 data rates.”

“Broadcom continues to demonstrate our Wi-Fi leadership by providing a full suite of Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem solutions with a comprehensive access point chipset portfolio that is optimized for enterprise and residential networks,” said Manny Patel, senior director of product marketing for the Wireless Communications and Connectivity Division at Broadcom.  “LitePoint’s IQxel-MX validates the performance of the advanced features in our Wi-Fi 7 chipset, guaranteeing improved user experience with high speed, reliability, low-latency communications, and extended range.”

Technical Details: IQxel-MX

The IQxel-MX is a fully integrated RF PHY test solution with signal generation and analysis combined in a single tester, supporting a continuous frequency range from 400 MHz to 7.3 GHz. With an analysis bandwidth of 320 MHz and best-in-class residual Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) floor. The unique signal combination architecture supports MLO without external hardware, and high order MIMO testing. The IQxel-MX addresses the requirements of the IEEE 802.11be (Wi-Fi 7), 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E) and IEEE 802.11 legacy specifications, as well as a full range of connectivity standards (Bluetooth 5.x, Zigbee, Z-Wave).

For faster time to market, turnkey IQfact+ software solutions offer customized testing of leading chipsets and enable thorough design verification and rapid volume manufacturing with minimal engineering effort.

Availability and More Information

The IQxel-MX is now available. Complete product details are available on the LitePoint website.

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