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LitePoint Releases Test Solution for Qualcomm Small Cell Chipsets

Small cells improve cellular network coverage for a fraction of the cost and time needed for a traditional cellular tower


LitePoint®, a leading provider of wireless test solutions, announced today that the LitePoint IQxstream cellular test system has been approved by Qualcomm to test their small cell cellular chipsets.

Small cell manufacturers using Qualcomm chipsets can use LitePoint’s easy-to-deploy test solution to test multiple devices at once; enabling them to get to high-volume production rapidly and with high quality — saving time and money.

As demands for higher data consumption and support for a high density of users increase, small cells offer a proven solution. They provide carriers with a significant advantage in dramatically improving service for their customers without the substantial time and costs required for land, permitting, and materials to build new cellular towers. In addition, small cells improve coverage indoors where building materials and electrical devices can interfere with the user’s signal.

“There is a great deal of cellular data growth expected in the next few years. The existing infrastructure won’t be able to meet all of this demand. Carriers are starting to deploy small cells, which are critical to providing the network capacity needed in densely-populated areas,” said Adam Smith, Director of Product Marketing at LitePoint. “LitePoint is committed to meeting that testing need and our IQxstream is an excellent solution for fast, low cost, high volume small cell testing and we are pleased to be validated by Qualcomm.”

Technical Highlights

The IQxstream is a multi-device cellular testing solution for the verification and calibration of cellular smart devices, modules, and small cell base stations. The system includes options for single or multi-device testing and multiple-input, multiple output antenna configurations. Optional software configurations include measurement suites for all leading cellular standards, including LTE and LTE-Advanced Pro.

IQxstream implements a non-signaling testing methodology that enables advanced testing strategies and up to four devices to be tested in the same time it traditionally takes to test one, saving considerable time and money for device makers.

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