New ETS-Lindgren 802.11ac OTA Measurement Solution Based on LitePoint IQlink WLAN

Solution reduces test time and improves reliability of measurements


LitePoint®, a leading provider of wireless test solutions, announced that ETS-Lindgren has selected the LitePoint IQlink as a standard component of the Antenna Measurement System (AMS) wireless test chambers it builds for customers to test 802.11ac Wi-Fi products.

The ETS-Lindgren test chamber uses LitePoint’s IQlink to provide a complete Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna measurement solution; critical for understanding wireless product performance. This solution can be used to verify the RF performance of smartphones, tablet PCs and other WLAN products including access points, wireless gateways, data cards, dongles and other systems.

“OTA antenna performance measurements are an integral part of device performance in WLAN and we are happy to enable an efficient solution for engineers to ensure their product design,” said Jari Vikstedt, Manager, Wireless Solutions, at ETS-Lindgren. “We believe customers will find the IQlink-based ETS-Lindgren wireless solution a simple and fast way to measure 802.11ac devices.”

“Wireless LAN OTA measurements of antenna performance are critical for product performance and customer satisfaction,” said Adam Smith, Director of Product Marketing at LitePoint. “The combination of the IQlink and the AMS family of wireless test chambers will reduce test time and cost, while improving test reliability of the measurements.”