Premier test solution for GPS & GLONASS enabled devices



IQnav+™ is a premier test solution for GPS and GLONASS enabled devices. It provides signal generation capability over a wide power range supporting both conducted and radiated test methods.

GPS, GLONASS & FM Manufacturing Test

  • For GPS and GLONASS testing: All key parameters for GPS signal creation are user-definable, including navigation data, space vehicle number and Doppler (+/- 10 kHz)
  • Supports signal output levels down to -145 dBm through a single test port connector
  • Provides comprehensive test coverage for both FM waveform generation and signal analysis

Navigation Test Flexibility

  • One- and six-channel models with +/- 10 kHz Doppler shift capability
  • Performs single-connection Carrier-to-Noise (C/N) and location-fix tests
  • Synthetic Power Sweep (SPS) verifies 6 levels in one sensitivity measurement

Manufacturing Friendly

  • Power range (-60 to -145 dBm) and CW mode allows simple power level verification to validate test station losses
  • Consistent test yield and rapid debugging
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) Architecture
  • SDR design approach allows 6-channel test performance for location lock testing

Technology Options

  • GPS

When & Where to Use the IQnav+ for Testing?

  • In lab and manufacturing environments
  • For products in the PCB-level manufacturing or final product test lifecycle stages
  • For Navigation-enabled mobile or IoT devices



A family of specialized software tools designated to analyze the wireless capabilities of commonly utilized integrated wireless chipsets. Watch this IQfact+ Demo to learn more.
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