IQvector Software

IQvector™ is a test software suite that provides a total solution for multi-DUT cellular calibration and verification production test for the IQxstream®.

Highest Throughput, Lowest Cost

IQvector enables the best test throughput and lowest cost-of-test, through an easy path to non-signaling cellular test.

  • Provides rapid test plan development with correlated measurements
  • Built-in support for major cellular chipsets

Key Features

  • Turnkey cellular calibration and non-signaling verification
  • Native multi-DUT support
  • Tabular test plan and limit editor
  • Integrated operator interface with test flow control
  • Integrated data analysis and logging
  • Integrates into factory production flow at multiple levels with simple licensing


  • Non-signaling cellular test made easy: Turnkey solutions for key cellular chipsets means you can develop test solutions in days instead of weeks or months
  • Rapid cellular test plan creation: Edit an existing example test flow or create one from scratch with the tabular test plan and limit editor
  • Optimized for throughput: Automatically sequences test execution, optimized for the IQxstream architecture
  • Total production solution: Provides an “out-of-the-box” production solution that is integrated operator interface
  • Backed up by LitePoint’s worldwide support organization