IQxel-M LoRa Test Solution

LoRa measurement solution with the IQxel-M

LitePoint’s IQxel-M™ LoRa Test Solution is a turnkey solution ready to test LoRa technologies right out of the box.

To ensure optimal operation, LoRa devices must provide reliable and consistent performance. The IQfact+ LoRa offers an optimal solution to accelerate volume manufacturing testing while minimizing engineering effort.

Get Results Quickly

  • Simple turnkey test solution
  • Parallel testing of multiple devices (multi-DUT)
  • Integrated DUT control with IQfact+™

Turnkey IQfact+ LoRa Transmitter and Receiver Test Solution

  • Transmitter Tests (SF7 – SF12)
    • Output Power
    • Frequency Error
  • Receiver Tests (SF7 – SF12)
    • RSSI
    • Sensitivity
    • PER

Technology Options

  • LoRa

When & Where to Use the IQxel-M LoRa Solution for Testing?

  • In the lab or manufacturing environments
  • For final product testing lifecycle stages
  • For LoRa-enabled IoT devices