z5211 AWG

2-Channel Analog Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The z5211 Arbitrary Waveform Generator is a 2-channel analog signal generator capable of generating both standard functions and arbitrary waveforms. Its 18 standard functions include sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse and many more. The two channels can be used as two completely independent signal sources or synchronized for multi-channel applications. Key specifications of the z5211 include high voltage outputs up to 28Vpp, flexible deep memory architecture (32 MiSamples per channel) and high speed 14-bit 200MS/s DACs.


High Performance & Flexible Functionality

  • High-voltage: 14 Vpp into 50-ohm and 28 Vpp into high impedance
  • High-speed: 200 MS/s 14-bit DAC with up to 50 MHz analog outputs (4 programmable filter bandwidths)
  • DDS-driven clock enables 8-digit sample rate selection from 200 S/s to 200 MS/s
  • Flexible sweeping, triggering and binary modulation

Independent Channels Yield Fast Test Times

  • Each channel has independent controls for sample rate, analog bandwidth filter, waveform, voltage range and voltage offset
  • Dual (ping-pong) memory banks for each output channel enables simultaneous playing of one waveform while loading another


  • 2-channel  independent or synchronized general-purpose  function generators
  • Signal generation for video, transient or any arbitrary waveforms