z8551 I/Q AWG

250 MHz I/Q Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The z8551 I/Q Generator is an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) optimized for baseband I/Q modulation signal generation from DC to 250 MHz. The I/Q channels provide excellent channel-to-channel match over its 250 MHz frequency range. The z8551 provides a combination of 500 MHz modulation bandwidth, 16-bit DAC dynamic range, very high linearity and very low phase noise necessary to test and characterize the latest and next generation of wireless components.


I/Q Generator Optimized for RFIC Testing

  • Modular PXI/PXIe Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) optimized for I/Q modulation for baseband and RF testing
  • Enables high-fidelity baseband I/Q testing with standard protocol, sinusoidal or arbitrary waveforms
  • Adds wireless LAN (WLAN) or Cellular Protocol capability to your RF signal generator (with external I/Q modulation)
  • DC to 300 MHz I/Q bandwidth for new wireless standards such as 802.11ac
  • Up to 500 MHz complex modulation bandwidth for applications such as Digital Pre-Distortion
  • Baseband center frequency can be adjusted DC to 500 MHz without changing I/Q waveform files (for complex IF or Zero IF testing)
  • I/Q mismatch for magnitude, phase and skew can be adjusted without changing I/Q waveform files

Better Software Integration Tools & Support

  • Full-featured zVector™ Arbitrary Waveform Generator GUI included
  • WLAN modulation files including 802.11ac
  • Cellular modulation files including LTE-Advanced
  • Comprehensive and intuitive software drivers for C/C++, LabVIEW and COM


  • 802.11ac baseband I/Q testing
  • LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation I/Q testing
  • I/Q modulator RFIC device testing
  • Quadrature IF modulator for RF up converter