z8820 DC Power & Digital IO Controller

DC Power Supplies & Digital Control

The z8820 PXIe DC Power & Digital IO Controller Module is a single-slot 3U PXIe module that supports remote instrumentation and electronics outside the PXI chassis.

It uses a PCI Express (PCIe) Gen1 x1 lane to interface to the PXIe host computer.PCIe read/write operations provide access to the z8820 on-board resources and to digital I/O or SPI interfaces to remote electronics. The z8820 PXIe module supports up to two remote interfaces via two D-sub 26-pin connectors. Each remote channel connector provides eight digital I/O (DIO) signals and three power supply rails (+6V, +9V and -13V). The external power supply rails have voltage/current monitors that can also be used as over/under trip protection. The z8820 also has a programmable clock generator circuit to provide up to three programmable digital clocks for the SPI master circuit and for user signals on the DIO or backplane outputs.


Frequently used with:

  • Remote electronics and load boards
  • Remote instruments including z8812 Port Module


Included with purchase.

  • zDIO interface GUI
  • Driver API for C/C++, LabVIEW, Matlab, TCL and Python programming environments