zSeries 9-Slot Chassis

9-Slot 3U PXI™ Express Chassis
zSeries 9-slot chassis

zSeries 9-slot chassis

zSeries 9-slot chassis

zSeries 9-slot chassis

The zSeries 9-Slot Chassis is a PXI Express chassis that is compliant with PXI Express and cPCI Express specifications. The zSeries 9-Slot Chassis offers one system slot, one system timing slot, and seven hybrid peripheral slots for versatile test and measurement applications requiring enhanced data throughput. The hybrid-slot design accepts installation of CompactPCI, PXI, CompactPCI Express, and PXI Express modules to maximize flexibility.

The zSeries 9-Slot Chassis is built on a four-link PXI express topology with 7 GB/s system throughput, and 2 GB/s slot bandwidth for all peripheral slots. The zSeries 9-Slot Chassis is implemented with a smart system monitoring controller, reporting full chassis status, including fan speed, system voltages, and internal temperature.

Equipped with an industrial grade AC power supply, the zSeries 9-Slot Chassis provides 400 W under 55°C, and delivers superior cooling capacity, from two 120 mm cooling fans on the rear of the chassis. Two BNC connectors for 10 MHz clock input/output on the rear panel enable synchronization with supplementary devices.


  • Innovative Cooling Mechanism. The zSeries 9-Slot Chassis features an innovative heat dissipation solution. Two 185.9 CFM cooling fans in the rear section of the chassis draw cool air through lower apertures, which is then exhausted through the back. This design generates uniform airflow for each PXI slot, delivering exceptional cooling. When installed in a rack, the cooling design minimizes intake of hot air from the rear side, separating airflow for modules and power supplies, while isolating noise source (fan) from modules and maintaining a steady internal temperature.
  • Intelligent Chassis Management. The zSeries 9-Slot Chassis has a built-in system monitoring controller that monitors and manages full chassis status, including internal temperature, fan speed, and DC voltages.
  • All Hybrid Peripheral Slots Design. The zSeries 9-Slot Chassis features an all-hybrid peripheral slot design, with PXI Express, cPCI Express, PXI, and CompactPCI modules compatible with every slot.


  • Small zSeries wireless test set configurations (up to 2×2 MIMO)
  • Portable zSeries wireless test set configurations