IQnfc+ is an NFC test system that thoroughly covers every NFC standard quickly and affordably. Now you can ensure the proper functioning of all NFC-enabled devices at the physical layer—usually in less time than simple Pass/Fail testing.

IQnfc+ can also provide a general indication where the source of the problem is when devices begin to fail. Pass/Fail testing can’t do that, leaving you with a box of defective devices without any idea why they failed. Then what?

IQnfc+ provides quantitative testing at the physical layer, as fast or faster than Pass/Fail testing.

  • Significantly higher test coverage
  • Quantitative physical layer NFC testing in high-volume production
  • Wide range of physical layer measurements
  • Supports all NFC standards in a single box
  • Readily co-related to conformance testers
  • Automated test solution, IQfact+, which simplifies test planning and eliminates test software development effort
  • Detailed RF parametric analysis available through intuitive GUI
  • Easy to install and use…be up & running in hours vs. days or weeks

IQnfc+ supports all main NFC standards and emulation of both initiator (PCD or polling device) and target (PICC or listening device) modes, including:

  • ISO 14443A/B
  • ISO 18092
  • EMVco
  • FeliCa
  • NFC A/B/F/P2P


IQnfc+ tests all NFC technologies in seconds–equal to and usually faster than Pass/Fail testing. It’s easy to set up—averaging less than an hour. IQnfc+ verifies system-level operation through reduced signaling. This allows you to meet time-to-market and time-to-volume goals while ensuring you’re producing high quality devices.

IQnfc+’s compact and rugged design makes it ideal for use in manufacturing, ensuring that the same rigorous testing standards extend from the lab to production. Because it was designed solely to test NFC, you get just the functionality you need in a low profile that minimizes your overall test footprint.


To understand why relatively simple and low-cost NFC wireless technology should get any more than Pass/Fail testing, is to consider the potential impact NFC has on the entire device within the marketplace.

IQnfc+ supports all NFC standards in a single easy-to-use box, which minimizes start-up costs. No programming is required or lengthy training; it’s already calibrated to test the NFC devices you’re testing today. Simple setup, less power consumption and a single insertion test…it all adds up to significant savings.



Input Voltage Range:

  • RF ports : 0.05 to 2 Vpp, +/- 1 V Max.
  • RF + DC port : 0.7 to 30 Vpp, +/- 15V Max.

Frequency Range:

  • 12 to 20 MHz


Output Voltage Range:

  • Initiator port : 0.2 to 20 Vpp
  • Target port : 0 to 5 V (pulse amplitude), -2 to +3 V (pulse offset)

Output Frequency Range:

  • 13.56 +/- 0.01 MHz

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