Resource February 18, 2019

2019 Wireless Test Trends

Learn more about 2019 wireless test trends (like 5G and 802.11ax) in this keynote presentation from the LitePoint Advanced Wireless Test Technology Seminar. LitePoint’s IQgig-5G with OTA test chamber

Resource May 19, 2017

Key Test Considerations for a Quality 5G Wireless User Experience

The second of this two-part series focuses on the testing challenges facing higher-bandwidth technologies like 5G New Radio, WiGig, LTE cellular and Wi-Fi (802.11ax). You can also read Part 1: Ensuring a Quality 5G Wireless User Experience: Applications & Technologies.

Resource January 4, 2017

5 Technology Areas to Watch in 2017

The explosion of new wirelessly connected products depends on improvements in range, battery life, latency, and number of connected devices. This article highlights major technologies that play a key role: IEEE 802.11ax, low-power wide-area networks, and millimeter-wave frequencies.