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LitePoint Cooperates with Tsingoal to Ensure the Performance of UWB Indoor Positioning Products

Tsingoal chose the LitePoint IQgig-UWB platform for the test of UWB indoor positioning products


LitePoint, a leading provider of wireless test solutions, announced its cooperation with Tsingoal, a well-known UWB positioning technology and solution provider in China. Tsingoal will apply LitePoint IQgig-UWB test system to test a series of products such as UWB indoor positioning base stations and tags.

Ultra-wideband (UWB) high-precision positioning technology is a key enabler of IoT applications and is listed as the core technology to be broken through in the “Three-Year Action Plan for the New Infrastructure of the IoT (2021–2023)” of China with a promising future. Tsingoal has been devoted to the UWB field for years. With the centimeter-level accurate ranging capability, its UWB industrial positioning technology can provide accurate positions of people, vehicles, equipment, and assets, and has been successfully applied to more than ten industries such as intelligent manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, and smart cities.

With LitePoint IQgig-UWB equipment, Tsingoal is able to conduct a fast and comprehensive test of its UWB positioning function to ensure the high-standard requirements for products. In addition, simplifying the calibration and verification of UWB device can speed up the time to market and bring value to customers in applications. Through this cooperation, Tsingoal and LitePoint, as leading enterprises in their respective fields, will jointly empower the high-quality development of the location-based IoT industry.

Zheng Qiang, R&D Director of Tsingoal , said: “After LitePoint IQgig-UWB equipment was put into operation, we can simply and quickly verify the key performances in product development and mass production, which greatly improves the test efficiency and serves as an important guarantee to fulfil our commitment of high-quality products and services to customers.”

Commenting on LitePoint’s cooperation with Tsingoal, LitePoint Senior VP Worldwide Sales, Anna Smith, states: “The partnership between LitePoint and Tsingoal continues to produce successful results. The IQgig-UWB is an industry leading UWB tester that provides Tsingoal with exceptional test efficiency, enabling fast time to market.”


Technical Details: IQgig-UWB

As the first FiRa consortium validated test solution, LitePoint’s IQgig-UWB platform has successfully completed all the requirements for PHY conformance verification. The IQgig-UWB test platform offers complete physical-layer testing and calibration of devices enabled with UWB technology including IEEE 802.15.4z. The system has a precision trigger and response mechanism to enable Time of Flight (ToF) measurements with picosecond level accuracy and comprehensive transmitter and receiver testing with over 1 GHz of single-shot bandwidth and with receiver sensitivity testing down to -100 dBm.

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