IQramp Data Analysis Software

Making data analysis fast & easy
IQramp Software

IQramp™ is a purpose-built data analysis tool that makes data analysis fast and simple. With IQramp, you can quickly and easily gain insights from your measurement data that general purpose data analysis tools simply cannot provide. IQramp offers a complete data analysis solution so you can focus on the job of test engineering, not data management.

Robust Toolset Speeds Up Test

IQramp enables customers to:

  • Accelerate time to production, ensuring product and process stability with high yield
  • Find faults faster with interactive data visualization
  • Generate and/or automate visual test reports with powerful and insightful analytics


  • Interactive data visualization. Find faults faster from insightful and customizable plots, pivot charts, histograms and more
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Loading data files, creating plots, analyzing data, and building reports are as easy as drag-and-drop and a few clicks
  • Native support for IQfact+, IQvector and zScript data formats. No more manually manipulating data in spreadsheets or writing parser scripts
  • Automatic report generation. Create management-ready reports in minutes. Enables periodic or end-of-day reports to be automatically created
  • Powerful test report templates. Share report templates with your colleagues, eliminating redundant effort and user errors

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