z8453 IF Digitizer

2.5 GS/s IF digitizer with Digital Down Converter (DDC)

The z8453 IF Digitizer functions as a baseband Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) up to 1 GHz. This baseband VSA provides the core signal capture and processing for a wireless receiver. Combined with LitePoint’s signal analysis software tools, the z8453 can be used for a broad range of communication signal acquisition and testing.


Fast & Flexible Processing with Future-Proof Specifications

The z8453 IF Digitizer comes standard with a full featured, on-instrument spectrum analyzer and offers the instantaneous bandwidth necessary for testing the next generation of wireless devices. Key z8453 specifications including:

  • Real-time Quadrature Digital Down Converter (DDC) with fractional resampling and decimation
  • Vector signal analysis with ultra-wide 1 GHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • Low noise floor and a high dynamic range
  • 4-pin bi-directional digital IO for bus interface for MIPI, SPI, GPIO, etc.

Advanced Integration into Test Process with Intuitive User Interface

Comprehensive software drivers, applications and examples ease automation and test integration. The z8453 provides the intuitive zSignal™ GUI, which offers a familiar user interface for manual use and debugging and eases the transition from a bench-top spectrum analyzer to a modular instrument.


  • DOCSIS 3.1 upstream signal analysis
  • 802.11ac baseband and IF testing
  • LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation IF testing
  • IF Demodulator device testing
  • IF receiver for RF downconverter