zSeries DOCSIS 3.1

Cable Modem Production Test Solution
zSeries DOCSIS 3.1

zSeries DOCSIS 3.1

zSeries DOCSIS 3.1™ is a complete fully-integrated hardware and software test solution for cable modem production testing and verification.

DOCSIS 3.1 covers all current D3.0 and future D3.1 mass production tests.

Key Specifications

  • Off-line test to greatly reduce test time
  • 100X faster than on-line testing with CMTS in mass production
  • Single 1.25 GHz wide capture bandwidth and advanced triggering for spurious emissions tests
  • 500 MHz generator bandwidth for interoperability and impairment tests
  • Single-insertion US and DS
  • Expandable from single-DUT to multi-DUT
  • Clock error estimation and correction

Test Capabilities

  • Spectrum and ACP
  • PVT
  • Channel Power
  • Frequency Error
  • Clock Error
  • MER
  • MER of Minislot
  • Time-capture plot
  • Constellation
  • Spurious Emissions


  • DS/US Calibration
  • DS Verification (3.0/3.1)
  • US Verification (3.0/3.1)


  • z8815 DOCSIS Signal Conditioning Module is a bundle item that includes:
    • z47524 4X 2.5 GHz Changeover Switch
    • Two z8811 front-end components
    • z8816 DOCSIS Signal Conditioning
  • z8453 IF Digitizer
  • z8751 Vector Signal Generator
  • z3975 Embedded Controller (Intel Core i5 processor)
  • zSeries 9-Slot Chassis


Comprehensive analysis software and GUIs:

  • zSignal DOCSIS™
  • C and LabVIEW Driver API
  • Example test flow C code