z8811 RF FEM

RF Front-End Module

The z8811 RF Front-End Module is a single slot 3U PXI module that extends the dynamic range of the z8651 Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) and z8751 Vector Signal Generator (VSG). It provides additional programmable amplification and/or attenuation of RF signals sourced by the z8751 VSG, and it provides additional programmable attenuation of RF signals routed to the z8651 VSA. The z8811 includes a transmit/receive (T/R) switch for test connections to an antenna port.


  • Up to 20 dB amplification of z8751 VSG RF output to provide up +27 dBm peak output power, with +37 dBm OIP3
  • Up to 20 dB attenuation of z8751 VSG RF output down to -100 dBm
  • Up to 10 dB attenuation of RF input to z8651 VSA RF, extending maximum VSA RF input to +30 dBm


  • Extend the maximum and minimum linear output power from the z8751 VSG
  • Extend the maximum input power to the z8651 VSA
  • Transceiver test connection of VSA and VSG to single T/R antenna port