zSignal WLAN Analysis & Waveform Creator Software

zSignal™ WLAN software is a comprehensive IEEE 802.11 demodulation analysis and modulation waveform creator software toolkit for compliance testing and characterization of WLAN devices. zSignal WLAN provides a complete set of software tools needed to generate and analyze WLAN RF and baseband I/Q signals for the IEEE 802.11a/ac/b/g/j/n/p standards (up to 160 MHz channel bandwidth). The software includes C/C++ drivers, a programming API, and an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Out-of-the-Box Solutions Make zSignal WLAN Easy to Use

  • GUIs for demodulation analysis and modulated waveform creation ease manual setup and use
  • Intuitive C/C++ drivers and programming API ease automation and integration
  • Example code is provided for compliance tests such as EVM, spectral mask, spectral flatness, dynamic EVM and I/Q mismatch measurements
  • A library of pre-generated example waveforms are provided for standard compliance testing
  • Waveform creator tool produces custom IEEE 802.11 waveforms
  • Analyze I/Q waveform data captured with a zSeries Wireless Test Set, z8651 VSA, or any third-party VSA
  • Create I/Q waveform data and files for RF generation using zSeries Wireless Test Set, z8751 VSG, or any third-party VSG