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IQnews Q2 2022 Newsletter

Product Updates

Introducing Complete UWB OTA Test Solution

LitePoint introduces a complete over-the-air test solution for UWB. The turnkey solution integrates the IQgig-UWB tester with a compact and flexible OTA DVT Chamber, high performance single polarization and dual polarization Vivaldi test antennas optimized for UWB ranging (ToF) and AoA characterization and design verification as well as RF parametric data collection of UWB devices.

Press Releases

LitePoint Collaborates with Broadcom to Ensure Performance and Accelerate Verification of New Wi-Fi 7 Chips

LitePoint’s IQxel-MX tester has been selected to test Broadcom’s industry-leading chips, since this test platform enables comprehensive validation of key new Wi-Fi 7 access point and client features, all of which are critical to ensuring the high speed and low-latency communications to support next generation applications such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

In the News

Wi-Fi NOW Interview: As Wi-Fi evolution accelerates, simplicity is key – says LitePoint President, Brad Robbins

Wi-Fi evolution is proceeding faster than ever and Wi-Fi products are quickly becoming more complex – which also means manufacturers and developers are under more pressure than ever in getting product quality and performance right. LitePoint President Brad Robbins says the key to a successful testing strategy is simplicity.


LitePoint shares insights on test trends and challenges for Smartphone, CPE, O-RAN technologies in the 5G era.


Test & Measurement Forum

The growing use of 5G modules, rising device antenna count and addition of newer spectrum creates test challenges, requiring a different test approach to ensure quality device performance, concurrently controlling cost and setup complexity. In this session, Khushboo Kalyani addressed test challenges & strategies when validating 5G devices from lab to manufacturing.

The Global Status of 5G: Spectrum, Deployments and Customer Trends

Some say the pandemic hindered 5G progress; some say it accelerated its rollout. More than two years into COVID-19 where does 5G stand globally? This webinar explores how different regulations, spectrum availability and customer demands impact the deployment and adoption of next-generation cellular services around the world.

The Future of Automotive Connectivity and Communication Test Solutions

5G is critical to the vision of the smart connected car and the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) required to make them possible. With new safety and infotainment applications, the automotive experience will be transformed.

These sophisticated systems and technologies create a number of test challenges that must be considered. Rex Chen examines the impact 5G technology is having on the future of the smart connected vehicle, and how radio testing must meet the evolving requirements to ensure safe deployments.

Open RAN European Forum

LitePoint’s Rex Chen discussed industry challenges and examined one of the hottest topics: the integration of open interfaces, who takes on the role of the system integrator and how that is managed in a multi-vendor environment.

5G Forum: New Generation Communication System
Test trends and challenges in 5G solutions for mobile phones, CPE and O-RAN:

5G brings immersive new applications across a variety of shape specifications, which will be connected to the network through ultra-reliable and low-latency communication functions. In order to meet these requirements, 5G New Radio needs new functions, such as large-scale MIMO, dynamic resource allocation and new RF frequency. Learn about test trends and challenges in 5G solutions for mobile phones, CPE and O-RAN.


Stay on top of key commercial and technological developments in the wireless test industry with the help of LitePoint experts. Get the latest trends and knowledge sharing within 5G, UWB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® with this curated selection of LitePoint thought leadership.

You can find additional product documentation, articles, white papers, demo videos, webcasts—and more—from LitePoint experts in our Knowledge Base.

Visit the LitePoint blog to learn about the latest wireless technologies, their ecosystem, applications, and testing solutions.

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Why does UWB certification matter and how is it tested? Eve Danel discusses how to ensure UWB devices meet FiRa specifications for interoperability in the blog.

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Where does 5G stand globally? This report explores how different regulations, spectrum availability and customer demands impact the deployment and adoption of next-generation cellular services around the world.

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Small cells play a key role in 5G networks and are accelerating the development of enterprise private network applications.

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Technology could power innovative robotic applications, but attention needs to be paid to testing component parts. Read about two test methodologies, signaling and non-signaling test, for successful 5G in industrial robots.

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With the 802.11be standard, Wi-Fi has gone to plaid! LitePoint’s Eve Danel examines applications driving the next generation of Wi-Fi, their performance requirements, and the key PHY changes necessary to meet the target performance objectives set by the 802.11be standard.

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