z8653 6 GHz Wideband VSA

Wideband Vector Signal Analyzer

The z8653 Wideband Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) provides 1 GHz of instantaneous analysis bandwidth for wideband modulated signals.

The new z8612 RF Downconverter Module Set serves as a 20 GHz Spectrum Analyzer extension to z8653 VSA expanding its testing capabilities for existing and emerging wireless standards including the next-gen Wi-Fi standard 802.11ax 1024QAM.

Key Specifications

  • Extremely low EVM floor of <-50 dB, required for 802.11ax
  • Best-in-industry instantaneous bandwidth (in 2-slot PXIe): 1 GHz covers the entire 5 GHz band in a single capture for fast mask testing
  • 6 GHz RF Spectrum and Vector Signal Analyzer
  • High IF provides image-protection for capture of signals with carrier aggregation such as 802.11ax 80+80, 160 or LTE-A
  • 20 GHz Spectrum Analyzer extension with add-on z8612

Remarkable Test Capabilities

Portable & Efficient Modular Instrument

  • Combined RF and baseband IF VSA in 2-slot 3U PXIe modular instrument
  • 4-pin bi-directional digital IO adds synchronized bus interface for MIPI, SPI, GPIO, etc.


Frequently used with:

  • z8751 Vector Signal Generator
  • z8612 RF Downconverter Module Set
  • zSeries 9-slot or 18-slot chassis
  • z3975/z3985 Embedded Controller (Intel Core i5/i7 processor)
  • z471/z475 Source Measure Unit
  • z8801 Local Oscillator

All solutions are adaptable and re-configurable to provide you with the greatest flexibility for your testing requirements.


Integration Tools & Support

  • Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for real-time “bench-top” interactive operation for RF designers and field application engineers
  • Support for C/C++, LabVIEW, Matlab, TCL and Python programming environments, with example code and projects