z8655 VSA

Vector Signal Analyzer PXIe

The z8655 Vector Signal Analyzer provides 1 GHz of instantaneous analysis bandwidth for wideband modulated signals.

Capable of up to 7.2 GHz RF spectrum analysis, the VSA exceeds the necessary phase noise, EVM and power requirements for 802.11ax, ensuring no compromise is made on the DUT performance.


  • Offers extremely low EVM floor of <-50 dB, required for 802.11ax
  • Supports wideband RF capture for Digital Pre-Distortion
  • 1 GHz covers single capture for fast mask testing

Key Specifications

  • Multi-band support—2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, U-NII-4/5/6/7/8 with comprehensive range of operation from 250 MHz to 7.2 GHz
  • High IF provides image-protection for capture of signals with carrier aggregation such as 802.11ax 80+80, 160 or LTE-A
  • 20 GHz spectrum analyzer extension with module z8612

Remarkable Test Capabilities

  • Ideal for MIMO applications (up to 8×8 true MIMO in a single zSeries 18-slot chassis)
  • PA/FEM characterization and DVT
  • Comprehensive testing capability on all Modulation and coding schemes (MCS)—BPSK up to 1024-QAM
  • Supports all modulation bandwidths: 160 MHz, 80 MHz, 40 MHz and 20 MHz


Frequently used with:

  • z8752 Vector Signal Generator
  • z8817 Front-End Module
  • zSeries 9-slot or 18-slot chassis
  • z8612 RF Downconverter Module set
  • z3975/z3985 Embedded Controller (Intel Core i5/i7 processor)
  • z475 Remote DC Power Supply
  • z8820 DC Power & Digital IO Controller
  • z8801/z8802 Local Oscillator

All solutions are adaptable and re-configurable to provide you with the greatest flexibility for your testing requirements.

Technology Options

  • Wi-Fi, 802.11ax
  • Wi-Fi, 802.11ac
  • Wi-Fi, 802.11a/b/g/j/n/p