zSeries RFIC

RFIC Chipset Test Solution
zSeries RFIC

The zSeries RFIC is a comprehensive component-level test solution optimized for bring-up and design verification of RFIC chipsets such as transceivers, modulators, demodulators, and RF front-end modules.

zSeries RFIC includes both RF and Baseband IQ signal source/measure functions for the characterization and testing of existing and emerging wireless standards including 802.11ax 160 MHz and LTE-Advanced. Time-to-test reduced from weeks to hours or days thanks to the advanced hardware and software integration of zSeries RFIC.

Key Specifications

  • Modulated signal source/measure with both RF and baseband I/Q signals
  • Best-in-Industry loopback RF EVM (<50 dB for 802.11ax 80 MHz)
  • Wideband VSA (1 GHz) and VSG (500 MHz) for wideband applications such as DPD and LTE CA
  • Rapid integration and automation with comprehensive drivers, GUIs and apps


  • Bring-up and characterization of individual chipset stages from baseband I/Q to RF
  • SISO and up to 8×8 MIMO testing
  • Emulation of chipset functions: Digital Pre-Distortion and Envelope Tracking


Core Modules

  • z8651 Vector Signal Analyzer + I/Q digitizer, 160 MHz bandwidth
  • z8653 Wideband Vector Signal Analyzer + IF digitizer, 1 GHz bandwidth
  • z8751 Vector Signal Generator + I/Q AWG, 500 MHz bandwidth
  • z8451 I/Q digitizer, 200 MHz bandwidth
  • z8551 I/Q AWG, 250 MHz bandwidth
  • z3975/z3985 Embedded Controller (Intel Core i5/i7 processor)
  • 18-slot PXIe chassis

Optional Modules

  • z8612 RF Downconverter Module Set, 20 GHz SpecAn
  • z5211 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • z471/z475 Source Measure Unit
  • z482 Digital I/O
  • z8811 Front End Module
  • z4441 Digitizer/Oscilloscope
  • z488xx RF Switches/Multiplexers (antenna connections)


Recommended test set software

  • zSignal WLAN Signal Analysis & Waveform Creator
  • zSignal 802.11ax Signal Analysis & Waveform Creator
  • zSignal Cellular Signal Analysis & Waveform Creator
  • C/C++, LabVIEW and COM drivers; Application Programming Interface (API); and automation applications and example code